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Emergency Management

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Earthquake Damage Information Handout
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Our Mission

To protect life and property and to ensure the safety, health and welfare of the residents of Anchorage.

 The following information was updated 

Friday, AUGUST 9 at ​1:00pm.

The Emergency Operations Center is at Response Operations Level - 1. EOC Response Team Members do NOT need to respond to the EOC unless otherwise notified.

Anchorage Mass Care Response 2019 Situation Updates:









From the Anchorage Fire Department:


Open Fires are PROHIBITED Today Due to VERY HIGH-EXTREME Fire Danger!

Barbecue grills (electric, gas & charcoal) are allowed today. Enclosed pellet grills (Traeger, etc.) are also allowed. Portable outdoor fireplaces may NOT be used today. Burn permits are no longer available for burning spruce bark beetle slash. Yard debris including leaves, grass and tree limbs cannot be burned and must be disposed of through curbside trash removal or the Solid Waste Service's transfer site or the landfill. Please use the wood lots, when available, for disposing of woody debris. Contact AFD's Forester if you have questions at 267-4902.

The Municipality of Anchorage no longer issues Burn Permits.  As a reminder the following are always prohibited within the Municipality of Anchorage at any time:

  1. The use of burn barrels or burning trash, garbage, construction materials, or other non-cured firewood is prohibited.
  2. Burning of yard debris including leave, grass and tree limbs is prohibited.  All vegetation waste and woody debris must be disposed of through curbside trash removal, the Solid Waste Service's transfer site, primary landfill or the wood lot.​

Contact AFD's Forester if you have questions at 267-4902.

To receive information, tips, and other messaging concerning emergency preparedness on your smartphone from the Office of Emergency Management, text your MOA Zip Code to 888-777 (Nixle).

You can also sign up at Nixle.com to receive email messages and adjust your account preferences.


Click on the picture for a printable version of: Evacuations and Sheltering FAQ!



Frequently Ask Questions about evacuation and emergency sheltering 

Staying Informed During a Disaster

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