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Emergency Management

Incident Management Team III:
Logistics Section Chief


A Logistics Section Chief (Type 3) is responsible for providing facilities, services, and material support for the incident, including all essential services and support functions needed for the incident management team to conduct effective operations.

Requisite Criteria

The table below lists minimum requisite criteria based on existing protocols and standards for a Logistics Section Chief (Type 3) to participate in the NIMS Integration Center’s National Emergency Responder Credentialing System.

Training Criteria

Completion of the following courses/curricula:

  1. IS-100: Introduction to ICS
  2. IS-200: Basic ICS
  3. IS-300: Intermediate ICS
  4. IS-400: Advanced ICS
  5. IS-700:  NIMS, an introduction
  6. IS-800: NRP, an introduction


Significant, ongoing experience related to facilities, services, and material support, as well as experience in emergency management. 

Medical/Physical Fitness

 Compliance with the following baseline criteria:

  1. Medical requirements established by the AHJ
  2. Minimum physical fitness standards as required by the AHJ
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