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Emergency Management

Incident ManagementTeam III:
Types of Incidents

The Anchorage Type 3 IMT will respond, in general, to major or complex incidents. In the context of incident management, major incidents generally:

  • Involve more than one agency and/or political jurisdiction
  • Involve complex management and communication issues
  • Require experienced, highly qualified supervisory personnel
  • Involve multiple victims with injuries, fatalities or illnesses.
Type 3 IMT level incidents may:
  • Include some or all of the command and general staff positions, as well as division/group supervisors and/or unit leader level positions.
  • Extend into multiple operational periods.
  • Require a written Incident Action Plan for each operational period.
  • Include a tornado, earthquake, flood, or multi-day hostage/standoff situation.**

** “Draft:  Type 3 Incident Command System, Subject Matter Expert Working Team, Meeting Report, Department of Homeland Security, United States Fire Administration, July 19-21, 2005.”

Incident complexity beyond Type 3 Team capabilities

The Anchorage Type 3 Team incident commander makes the final determination about team response.  If the IC determines that the incident exceeds team capabilities, he or she may decline the initial request for assistance.  If a growing incident begins to exceed the on-scene team’s capabilities, the IC may request a Type 2 or 1 team to replace the Anchorage Type 3 team. 

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