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On-Site Water and Wastewater

Separation Distance Variances/Waivers

When authorized by the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC), the department may issue variances of the separation distances required between on-site wastewater disposal systems and those areas specified in 18 AAC 72 by using criteria established by ADEC.

A written application for a variance from the separation distances contained in this chapter must be submitted by an engineer and must contain, but need not be limited to:

  1. A description of the separation distance for which the variance is requested and the reasons why the separations cannot be maintained;
  2. Information on soil, topography, lot size, anticipated wastewater flow and other technical information relevant to the request;
  3. Any measures which are proposed to mitigate adverse effects associated with the variance;
  4. A statement by the engineer identifying all positive and negative impacts associated with granting the variance request; and

The department must review each variance request and must issue a written decision. A denial of a variance request must include reasons for the denial. A record of the request, review and analysis procedure, and approval or denial shall be maintained by the department for public inspection.

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