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Turnagain Arm Addressing Project

November 20, 2003

Girdwood to be first to get addresses assigned, as part of the Municipality's Turnagain Arm Addressing Project.

The Municipality of Anchorage is proposing a project to assign addresses to all occupiable structures within the communities of Girdwood, Portage, Bird, Rainbow and Indian in effort to increase public safety. Site addresses are a familiar and accepted method of location, leading to more efficient location of a specific home or business—which is particularly critical in times of emergency.

Project was being considered for Spring-Fall 2004, but was stalled contingent on funding and staff resources.

The 1,000-plus structures in the community of Girdwood will be the first to be addressed. Then the communities of Portage, Bird, Rainbow and Indian will be addressed.

Girdwood project

The proposed plan for assigning addresses to Girdwood describes the phases of the project. Through January, 2004, public input is being sought regarding the proposed plan. The project lead will be attending public meetings in Girdwood during this phase, working to develop an understanding of this unique community’s needs and desires. Contact Street Addressing to have the proposed plan information faxed, mailed, or emailed to you.

Public Input Sought

This project will be on the agenda of upcoming meetings of the Girdwood Board of Supervisors (Sept, Oct 2003), the Land Use Committee (12/9/03), Lion’s Club (11/20/03), and Rotary Club (TBA). Citizens are welcome to attend these meetings, or contact Street Addressing via email, letter, fax or phone regarding any aspect of this project. Any future meetings yet unscheduled will be listed here.

Suggested alterations to the proposed plan for Girdwood are being collected now through early January, 2004, and then shall be forwarded to the public safety agencies for review.

Proposed plan - original

Alteration #1 - allow duplicate street names

Alteration #2 - assign address numbers unique to Girdwood

Alteration #3 - allow duplicate street names & unique numbers

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