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Private Citizen Group Posting Addresses

November 12, 20041234 Emergency Property Locator

Emergency Property Locators (EPL), a private citizen group, is posting addresses in the municipality for free.

A group of concerned citizens in the Eagle River/Chugiak area have recognized the lack of visible addresses as a chronic problem in their community. As a result, volunteers from the Peter's Creek Christian Center developed the EPL (Emergency Property Locator) program. This program will provide free, visible, permanent address signage to all interested residents of the Chugiak/Eagle River community.

The group posted its first batch of address signs for homes off Hiland Road in late November. The poles are custom-made for Anchorage's harsh weather conditions and are meant to be visible night or day. The group started its address project on Hiland Road in Eagle River because it was an area identified as lacking in posted addresses. "we wanted to help and were told be Anchorage Police Chief Walt Monegan this was a way we could be of service," said Michelle Foreman with the Emergency Property Locator Program.

If you live in Chugiak/Eagle River area and would like to request this service, contact EPL at (907) 688-3755. EPL's office is located at the Peter's Creek Christian Center, 20640, Chapel Drive, and is open Tues.- Thurs., 10am - 2pm. They also take faxed requests at 688-3777.

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    • Section Manager: Jack Frost
    • 4700 Elmore Road, Anchorage, AK 99507
    • 907 343-8222