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Doorhangers being found all over town!

March 7, 2003

As part of our 9-1-1 Address Verification Project, door hangers are being left on homes and businesses without displayed addresses, reminding citizens to comply with the law--and post their address!

We want to ensure a quick and timely response during a 9-1-1 emergency—and a clear and visible address is critical.

Found one of these hanging on your door? Then you’ve been visited by a member from our 9-1-1 Address Verification field team.

Light-duty police officers, recruits, and other municipal employees are out visiting neighborhoods to see if addresses are posted properly as part of our 9-1-1 Address Verification Project. They are leaving a door hanger at each and every building they find without an address posted, or that needs the address posted more clearly.

So, you found a door hanger left at your home or business — now what do you have to do?

Comply with the law -- display your address

Take at look at your door hanger—which box is checked?

  • Your address is not displayed. Our field checkers couldn’t see your address posted anywhere. You need to post your address—it’s the law! See our guidelines on how to properly post your address, or check the back of your door hanger.
  • Your displayed number needs to be more visible. Your address was difficult to see. You need to post your address more clearly—so it is clearly visible to a driver of a vehicle on the street, moving at speed limit. Take a look at our guidelines on how to properly post your address. These are also listed on the back of the door hanger.
  • The number you have displayed does not agree with our records. For some reason, the address number on our maps does not match the address posted on your home or building. Please contact us, so we can double check our records, and correct whatever is wrong. It may be our map is incorrect, or it may be that the address you have been using is not correct.

Please contact us if you have any questions about these door hangers or the 9-1-1 Address Verification Project.

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