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New Addresses

New Buildings

New addresses will be assigned to all new buildings through the building or land-use permit. Simply apply for the permit and your address will be created and entered into your permit file.

New addresses are assigned to all occupiable structures within the Anchorage Bowl, Chugiak/Eagle River and in most Turnagain Arm communities. When a property owner or developer applies for a building permit (or a land-use permit), Addressing reviews the site plan to determine access, and assigns an address (or addresses, as necessary). For corner lots or large tracts of land, sfaff needs to see the site plan to determine which street provides access or where the building and driveway entrance will be located in order to assign a good address.

Existing Buildings

To have a new address assigned to an existing building call or visit Municipal Addressing.

You will need to provide the building location and driveway entrance information, by fax, email, or in-person visit. A site plan or a simple drawing of the site is helpful. There is a $75.00 fee for new address assignments.

Notification of New Addresses

Addressing will notify the US Postal Service, emergency response, all utilities, and other municipal agencies of the new address assignment for their records.

Unassigned Areas

Turnagain Arm communities of Indian, Bird and Rainbow have yet to have addresses assigned.  Girdwood had addresses assigned in summer 2006, and Portage Valley in summer 2008.   Assigning numerical addresses is one of the municipality's highest priorities and is a task that will be on-going in the coming months.

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