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Address Changes

Nobody likes to have their address changed. However, in order to provide a consistent and logical application of addresses throughout the Municipality, a change is sometimes necessary. The goal is sequential and logical addresses, since proper addresses play such a critical role in emergency response. An ambulance or other emergency responder should not waste precious time trying to locate a non-conforming address.

Changes Covered by Municipal Code Regulations

According to municipal code regulations the reasons to change an address may include:

  • numbers that are out of sequence with their neighbors;
  • odd numbers on the even side of the street, or vice versa;
  • numbers not matching the block number as defined by the overall address grid;
  • not using the street name that provides access to the home or building; and
  • street name changes.

Who Gets Notified of a Change?

When an address change is necessary, Addressing staff contact the property owner by letter, stating what the change is, why it needs to happen, and when it will occur. Because such a change may be inconvenient, Addressing notifies other municipal agencies, the U.S. Postal Service, utility companies and emergency responders for the property owner. Also, the U.S. Postal Service allows mail to be delivered to both old and new addresses for a six month period or longer to help with the transition.

Report a Problem Address

If you know of a problem address, please let us know! We will investigate, and determine if a change is necessary. Use our form to Report an Error or address problem.

Read how to request an Address Change

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