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Code Abatement Enforcement

Code Abatement officers enforce parts of the Anchorage Municipal Code Title 23.10 - Anchorage Administrative Code, AO 2016-81(S), Vacant & Abandoned Buildings, and Anchorage Municipal Code Title 23.70 Abatement of Dangerous buildings within the BSSA (Building Safety Service Area - Click map).

Examples of Code Abatement enforcement includes:

  • Code compliance inspection and reports on buildings that have had a natural or manmade disaster requiring rehabilitation. See Policy AG.30 
  • Dangerous Buildings (condemned buildings)
  • Vacant & Abandoned Building. See AO 2016-81(S) / Registration Form 
  • Stop Work orders on properties working without a permit
  • Serve Notice of Violation or notice of Order on owners in violation
  • Serve Notice of License requirement on contractors/personnel that require license or trade fitness cards.

If you have a compliant, we encourage you to register it online - click here or you may call Code Abatement Enforcement to register your complaint by phone at, 343-4141. You will be required to give your name and any other personal information to register a complaint; however, all complainant information is kept confidential.  Feel free to contact us with ay questions you may have at the 343-8301.

Helpful links:

PolicyAG.30 Damaged Buildings Rehabilitation Policy  04/12/12

AG.20 Re-Opening of Buildings Posted "Notice to Vacate" 04/17/06

AG.11 Canopies and Tents 04/17/06

HandoutAG.04 Moved Buildings 01/28/08

AG.05 Temporary, Seasonal-Use, and Special Event Buildings or Structures 01/14/09

AG.14 Code Compliance Inspections 06/22/12

R.10 Mobile Home Set-up and Permit Requirements 04/10/13

Permit Exemptions - See Anchorage Administrative Code, Section


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