Land Use Enforcement


There is no single agency that enforces all the laws and regulations of the Municipality.

Enforcement responsibility for violations on private property rests with Land Use Enforcement.

Violations (except for junk vehicles) on municipal rights-of-way, including streets, alleys, and some easements, are the responsibility of Right-of-Way Enforcement.

Junk vehicles in the right-of-way are handled by the Police Department.

The Department of Health and Human Services enforces health code and animal control violations.

Subdivision covenants are enforced by affected property owners through civil actions in the state courts.

If a complaint is filed with one enforcement agency and is actually in the jurisdiction of another, the case will be transferred to that agency.  It will retain the same case tracking number it was originally assigned.  Land Use Enforcement will be happy to receive any complaint and forward it to the appropriate agency.

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