Building Safety


About the Building Safety Elevator Inspection Program

Our scope of work includes new installations in residential and commercial construction such as, but not necessarily limited to, elevators, escalators, dumbwaiters, service lifts, moving walks, wheelchair lifts, and stairway chair lifts. In addition, we also cover the structural framework and framing associated with hoistways and support systems, elevator machine rooms, and elevator mechanical penthouses. These items require permitting and an associated design review by Building Safety and Fire Plan Review to assure compliance with the appropriate issue of the building, fire, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical codes, as well as the requirements of ANSI A17.1.

We also perform periodic inspections for the purpose of recertifying existing equipment in public buildings.

Area of Jurisdiction   

The normal jurisdiction of the Municipality’s Building Safety Division is within the Anchorage Building Safety Service Area (ABSSA), which is commonly known as the Anchorage Bowl. In addition, since 1999, the State of Alaska and the Municipality of Anchorage have maintained a Memorandum of Understanding that extends the Municipality’s responsibility to include public buildings in all areas of the Municipality, including those outside of the ABSSA.  These areas are Girdwood, Eagle River, Birchwood, Chugiak, Eklutna​, and those areas otherwise unincorporated that fall within the Municipality of Anchorage’s boundaries.

Elevator Meetings  

None at this time.  Elevator Inspection Repair Issues, click here to see the letter that was mailed out December 15, 2015

Other topics can be added to the agenda by contacting the Building Safety Assistant, Tana Klunder at 343-8301, or any of the elevator inspectors. Agenda topics should be scheduled at least two days before the meeting.

20 Most Common Priority Corrections 

The inspectors have compiled a list that will give building owners and elevator contractors an idea of what we are finding during the periodic inspections. This list is of the corrections we categorize as priority corrections, meaning potentially impacting property or life safety and are those that are usually addressed by elevator contractors, not building maintenance workers.
20 Most Common Priority Corrections

Periodic Inspection Procedure

This flow chart shows how we process the inspection reports and the steps we take to make sure the corrections are made in a timely manner. Ensuring that elevators and other moving equipment will get you where you want to go safely, year after year, is a serious responsibility that requires the co-operation of building owners, contractors, maintenance personnel and inspectors.

Notice of Corrections Completed (Re-inspection) 

To notify the elevator inspection section that corrections from a periodic inspection report have been completed please fill out this Notice of Compliance form and fax to us at 249-7936. To change your contact information, please email us at: . You will need to have your customer number, which is on the upper right corner of all elevator registration bills.


All documents are in .PDF file format. (Requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here  to go to their site and download).