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Please note that some of your options have changed.  Please update your bookmarks accordingly. 

You can search by permit number or by physical address. Remember:

For permits issued in 2010 or before:

  • Building Permit  Numbers look like this:  10 4531
  • Subpermit numbers will have a letter in front  of them.  The electrical subpermit for building permit 10 4531 will be E10 4531

For permits issued in 2011 or after:

  • Building Permits look like this:  CB111001 or RB111001, or C11-1747 or R11-1747
  • Subpermit numbers look like this:  E111003 or E11-1147 but will NOT BE THE SAME NUMBER AS THE BUILDING PERMIT. 
  • If the permit number has a dash, please enter the dash

If you are having problems choosing a date for an inspection, it’s with the new version of Internet Explorer.

You will need to follow the instructions to the link below to add to the compatibility view.

Permit Information and Review Comments - View permit status, comments and historical information. 

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