The department may issue waivers if the issuance of such waivers will not adversely affect achievement of the objectives of the code and not be in conflict with State of Alaska law..

A written request for a waiver must be submitted by an engineer and must contain, but need not be limited to:

  • A description of the waiver being requested and the reasons why the waiver is needed;
  • Information on soil, topography, lot size, anticipated wastewater flow and other technical information relevant to the request;
  • Any measures which are proposed to mitigate adverse effects associated with the waiver;
  • A narrative signed and dated by the engineer identifying adverse impacts associated with granting the waiver request.
The department will review each waiver request and issue a written decision. A denial of a waiver request must include reasons for the denial. A record of the request, review and analysis procedure, and approval or denial shall be maintained by the department for public inspection.​