Local Landmark Register Ordinance

July 8, 2020 (update)

The Planning Department is happy to announce the release of the Public Review Draft of the Local Landmark Register Ordinance on June 15, 2020. The public review-and-comment period is from June 15 through August 31, 2020.

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In 2006, the Anchorage Assembly took great strides forward in recognizing the importance of a Historic Preservation Program.  The Assembly not only established the Program but also the Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) with specific powers and duties at that time.

One of the HPC's duties is to “prepare and submit to the Assembly, Mayor, and Planning and Zoning Commission for approval by ordinance a procedure for designating, without modifying the underlying zoning classification."  Anyone may nominate a historic or cultural resource to the municipal-wide Historic Inventory.  A property owner's approval is required for all nominations.

Taking this duty to heart, the HPC has been working diligently to formulate the Local Landmark Register Ordinance.  When adopted, this ordinance will assist us in the recognition of the unique cultural and historic resources found throughout our community.

Cultural and Historic resources give the public valuable information about the people who came before, their way of life, struggles, and successes.  Each Local Landmark listed on this Local Landmark Register will provide information about the Building, District, Structure, Site, Landscape, Traditional Cultural Property, Object, or Travel Route described in an accompanying nomination form.  We will also learn how each of these significant cultural or historic resources contributes to our cultural and historical past.

Local Landmark Registers are a foundational element of historic preservation programs.  The shared information that comes from the Local Landmark Register will enable our community to recognize and preserve our unique history and culture by providing a nomination process to inventory and list the different cultural and historic resources that we have.

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