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 Fairview Neighborhood Plan 

The Fairview Neighborhood Plan was approved with amendments by the Anchorage Assembly on September 9, 2014 (AO No. 2014-108).  The Fairview Community Council developed this neighborhood plan over the last several years. The Plan is intended to serve as a tool to aid in the orderly growth and development of the Fairview neighborhood. It will guide future public and private improvements in the area, provide a base of information for neighboring entities, be a tool to foster continued health and vitality of the neighborhood, and be a guide for proposed redevelopment projects.

Fairview Neighborhood Plan    

September 9, 2014 

  • Cover, Acknowledgements, Table of Contents  
  • Executive Summary  
  • 1.  Introduction 
  • 2.  Existing Conditions 
  • 3.  Public Process 
  • 4.  Community Vision 
  • 5.  Implementation 
  • Appendices 


  • Guide Map 
  • Land Use Plan Map