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Vision: Our Downtown is the heart of our community--the site of growth, hope and promise for a bright today and a promising future for generations to come.

The Our Downtown project is a multi-year, multi-step project to implement the Anchorage Downtown Comprehensive Plan. The Downtown Comprehensive Plan describes this important area as “Alaska’s civic and cultural destination!” This area has so much to offer residents and visitors alike as evidenced by our growing tourism market, increased focus on commercial transportation, recreation, and healthcare.

Our Downtown – Step 1: Will complete the reformat of the Downtown Zoning Districts (B-2A, B-2B, and B-2C) code and includes the following:

  • Reformat the B-2A, B-2B, and B-2C Downtown Zoning Districts from old Title 21 into the current Title 21 format;
  • Create Chapter 21.11:  Downtown in Title 21 to address the districts, uses, and development in downtown;
  • Add any relevant and necessary references throughout all chapters of current Title 21 concerning the B-2A, B-2B, and B-2C Downtown Zoning Districts.

We look forward to completing Step 1 with community input and direction.  A Planning and Zoning Commission public hearing was held on February 3, 2020, and its recommendation has been forwarded to the Anchorage Assembly for a public hearing on Tuesday, April 14. Persons wishing to provide oral comments may do so at this meeting or written comments may be provided by mail to the Anchorage Assembly in c/o Barbara A. Jones, Municipal Clerk, P.O. Box 196650, Anchorage, AK 99519-6650; by FAX (907) 343-4313; or by E-mail

For information, contact Kristine Bunnell, Senior Planner, at 343-7993 or

Project Flyer (New)


Map of Current Downtown Zoning Districts


Public Hearing Draft OUR DOWNTOWN Step 1


Anchorage Assembly Public Hearing on April 14, 2020 AO No. 2020-38


Planning and Zoning Commission Public Hearing Draft, February 3, 2020 


Exhibit A: Staff Report

  • Appendix A-1, Old Title 21 Code excerpts, 1983 CBD Plan, 1990 Urban Design Amenities
  • Appendix A-2, Structure of Downtown Chapter, Translation of Allowed Uses, and Reformat of Bonus Amenities
  • Appendix A-3, Guide to Significant Development & Design Standard Exemptions and Adjustments
  • Appendix A-4, Site Testing of Draft Code Amendment

Draft Ordinance (See final Assembly ordinance, AO No. 2020-38 above)


Exhibit B: Annotated Zoing Code Amendments (See Assembly update above, Attachment 2)


Exhibit C: Planning and Zoning Commission Draft Resolution (See adopted resolution above, Attachment 1)


Exhibit D: Policy Guidance from Comprehensive Plan


Exhibit E: Public Comments Received 



Announcements and Posters 

Events and What You Said

Our Downtown – Step 2:  Will update sections of the Anchorage Downtown Comprehensive Plan to reflect changing demographics, evolving residential, business and retail markets, define areas for historic and cultural preservation and management, review and redefine plan area and zoning boundaries, and support new visitor and tourism experiences.

Our Downtown – Step 3:  Will transition the Downtown Zoning Districts currently adopted as B-2A, B-2B, and B-2C to the desired DT-1, DT-2, DT-3 while considering the appropriate design elements and standards for buildings and infrastructure envisioned by the Downtown Anchorage Comprehensive Plan.

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