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Long-Range Planning

Implementation Status for Select Adopted Plans
(Performance Measure #30)    

Performance Measure #30 is an inventory of implementation actions
and an implementation tracking system for adopted plans.

Status of implementation steps for the six recent major plans is being tracked
annually.  Check-ins with the responsible agencies will be conducted to gauge
the status of implementation actions identified in each of these respective
plan areas. 

  • A status of  complete will be noted for actions deemed complete
    by the responsible agencies.
  • A status of not started is defined as an action that no measurable
    work has  begun.
  • A status of in progress is defined as work that has started.  Where
    possible, a comment will be made.
  • A status of ongoing identifies those actions that are continually
    monitored or updated by the  agencies due to the nature of the
    action named. 

Where no status is indicated, work continues to identify the status of that particular action. 

The tables for the plans below will be updated continuously throughout the year.