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Long-Range Planning

Special Plans and Area Studies

What are Special Plans and Area Studies?

Special plans and area studies respond to issues that may affect a particular neighborhood or district in the community.  They provide physical, social and economic information about a particular area to better understand the nature of a place and to plan for its future.  Special plans and area studies may be prepared by or managed by Long-Range Planning staff.

Neighborhood plans may include places such as Fairview and Mountain View in Anchorage.  District plans have been completed for the Central Business Districts in Eagle River and Anchorage, the Anchorage Hillside and the Universities-Medical Districts in Anchorage.  Other district plans underway include the East Anchorage, Government Hill, Midtown and West Anchorage areas.

Special land use studies may be prepared for municipal lands such as the Tudor Road properties and Heritage Land Bank (HLB) holdings.  THe HLB manages municipal land that is uncommitted to a public use.  Some lands are held for future public use, while others may be disposed for private development.  Physical Planning  provides support to the HLB and assists with land use studies for some of the larger HLB tracts. 

Sometimes land use studies will look at specific aspects associated with certain kinds of uses. An example is the Seismic Risk Assessment for Downtown Anchorage, underway in 2009.  This study will evaluate earthquake impacts, determine risk levels for various types of development in seismic zones and propose land use regulations to mitigate the estimated impacts and risks of a major earthquake event.

Adopted Plans and Studies

  • Anchorage CBD Comprehensive Development Plan
  • Eagle River Central Business District Revitalization Plan
  • Eagle River Greenbelt Plan
  • Far North Bicentennial Park Plan
  • Goose Lake Plan
  • Hillside Wastewater Management Plan
  • Ship Creek/Waterfront Land Use Plan
  • Spenard Commercial District Development Strategy
  • Tudor Road Public Lands and Institutions Plan
  • University - Medical District Framework Master Plan
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