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COVID-19 and Department Status

April 24, 2020

Public Meetings Held Remotely

Regulatory/Adjudicatory Boards and Commissions

Due to concerns over large gatherings amid the COVID-19 outbreak and to conform with federal, state, and local health department guidance and emergency measures, the Assembly Chambers at the Loussac Library is  currently closed to the public and will not be open for public meetings.

The municipal Planning Department will hold public hearings remotely for the following boards and commissions:

  • Planning & Zoning Commission
  • Platting Board
  • Urban Design Commission
  • Zoning Board of Examiners & Appeals

The hearings will broadcast live on Channel 9, and live audio will be streamed on the municipal website at:

In addition to the usual opportunities for written testimony, anyone may request to testify on a public hearing agenda item via phone. To provide verbal testimony, please email by 2:00 p.m. the day of the meeting with your name, phone number, and requested agenda item(s). The subject line should read "Phone Testimony." The secretary will call you at the number you provide. Individuals will have 3 minutes to testify, while representatives of groups will have 5 minutes. 

This new public hearing procedure will remain in effect until further notice. For more information, contact the Planning Department at (907) 343-7943, and continue to check back at this website periodically for updated information.

Community Meetings During COVID-19 (Updated 4-20-2020)

Due to COVID-19, many community councils are canceling regular meetings.  Anchorage Municipal Code 21.03.020C. requires community meetings for rezonings, subdivisions, conditional uses, marijuana special land use permits, institutional master plans, major site plan reviews, and public facility site selections.

Below is a memo addressing on-line or teleconferencing meetings in lieu of an
in-person public meeting.

Community Meetings During COVID-19

March 26, 2020

MOA Letter Regarding 2020 Design and Construction Work

As Anchorage, Alaska, and the nation respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, we at the Municipality want to assure you that we are doing everything possible to continue our design and construction program of work for 2020. We recognize the importance of these projects to the citizens of Anchorage, and to the economy. Below is the letter.  

Letter to Consultant, Construction, and Development Partners

March 17, 2020

The Planning Department is open for business, but to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of customers and staff and to limit exposure, the Department is implementing the following changes in service until further notice. The most recognizable of the services will be the reduction in face-to-face customer interactions between the public and Planning staff through: 

Application Submittal: All walk-in and over-the-counter services are suspended. Customers may only pick up or drop off applications at the tables provided at the front door in the Planning and Development Center (Permit Center). All received applications will be processed by staff without further face-to-face customer interactions. Payment can be made over the phone by credit card at 343-8211, extension 1, unless you have a credit card on file. 

Quarantine of Submitted Applications: As COVID-19 is detectable for up to 3 hours after aerosolization and is spreadable through contaminated surfaces or objects, all submitted hardcopy documents or plans will be placed in quarantine overnight before being reviewed or processed. 

We encourage the public to reach out to us through e-mails, telephone, or Microsoft Teams as much as possible.   Here is a link to our staff directory. 

Planning Department Policy on Virtual Meetings as a Result of COVID-19.

Department Mission

The Planning Department's mission is to guide Anchorage land use development and community resources to meet the quality of life, economic, social, environmental, and physical needs of present and future residents.

Good planning makes for livable neighborhoods, a safe and healthy community, and a sustainable economy. How land use fits in with housing, transportation, community and economic development gives Anchorage its character.

The Planning Department has three divisions that are responsible for a wide range of planning, zoning, and development activities:

Current News

May 1, 2020

OUR DOWNTOWN logo.png 

Public Hearing Draft of OUR DOWNTOWN - Step 1
AO No. 2020-38 (PZC Case No. 2020-0002)

The Anchorage Assembly unanimously approved the Our Downtown – Step 1  reformat of the B-2A, B-2B, and B-2C Downtown Zoning Districts on April 28, 2020.  The reformatted Downtown zoning regulations of AO 2020-38 (as amended) go into effect on Thursday, May 28.   The “old” Title code will continue to apply to applications filed for development in the Downtown zoning districts until Wednesday, May 27.  Applicants for entitlements who file their application on or after May 28 will be reviewed under the reformatted Title 21 Downtown zoning regulations.  More information is available on the Our Downtown  project webpage.

Spenard Corridor Plan
PZC Case No. 2020-0043

A public hearing before the Planning and Zoning Commission has been rescheduled  to Monday, May 18, 2020; comment deadline has been extended to Monday, April 27. More information is available on the project webpage.

Compatible-Scale Infill Housing (R-2 Zones) Project
PZC Case No. 2019-0009 

A public hearing before the Planning and Zoning Commission was held last year on March 4, 2019. The Commission will deliberate and take action later in 2020.

The project proposes to update specific standards in R-2A, R-2D, and R-2M zoning districts as part of Anchorage's 2040 Land Use Plan implementation.

The public hearing draft documents comprising Planning and Zoning Commission Case No. 2019-0009 are on the R-2 zones project webpage.    

Anchorage 2040 Plan

Information on the Anchorage 2040 Plan is available on the Anchorage 2040 Implementation Projects webpage.

February 04, 2019

New Public Hearing Notice Signage

In an effort to provide clarity on public hearing notices, the Municipality of Anchorage Planning Department will be introducing revised “Notice of Public Hearing” signage. The new, color-coded notices are intended to convey the planning case type and number in a more user-friendly format. Each planning case type (subdivision, marijuana, zoning, and alcohol) will now have an individual sign, depicted by color and letter to provide more information at a glance. The signage types are below:

S- Subdivision (Yellow): Subdivisions that require public hearing at the Platting Board.

M- Marijuana (Green):  Cultivation, retail, test, and manufacturing special land use permits that require public hearing at the Anchorage Assembly.

Z- Zoning (Blue): Zoning map amendments, site plan reviews, site selection studies, variances, and conditional use permits that require a public hearing at the Planning and Zoning Commission or Urban Design Commission.

A- Alcohol (Orange): Package stores, clubs, breweries, and beverage dispensary special land use permits that require a public hearing at the Anchorage Assembly.

June 2018

Cases On-Line and Planning e-Alerts

In 2015, the Planning Department introduced a new and improved on-line access to zoning and platting case information, as well as an updated e-alert system.  Click here for instructions on how to sign up.

How Can We Help You?
  • Individuals who need auxiliary aids, services, or special modifications to interact with the Planning Department or to participate at its meetings should contact the Planning Department by telephone at 343-7931 or
    fax at 343-7927 to request reasonable accommodations.