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Transportation Planning / AMATS


Technical Advisory Committee

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) reports to the Policy Committee. The TAC committee consists of 11 voting members from municipal and state agencies. The municipal agencies include the departments of Health & Human Services (DHHS), Public Transportation, Community Development, and the Project Management & Engineering (PM&E), and Traffic Divisions of the Public Works Department; and the Port of Anchorage. Members of state agencies who also serve on the committee are ADOT&PF chief of Central Region Planning and Administrative Services, ADOT&PF Regional Pre-Construction engineer, the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC) manager of the Southcentral Region Air Quality Program, a representative from Alaska Railroad Corporation, and a member of the Citizens Air Quality Advisory Committee (AQAC). The TAC prepares and maintains all AMATS plans, technical studies and programs for the area; and provides recommendations to the Policy Committee.




Jennifer Witt    


Development Program Chief, Vice Chair

Brian Lindamood

Alaska Railroad Corporation

Special Projects Manager

Sharen Walsh

Port of Anchorage

Deputy Director

Jerry  Hansen

Municipality of Anchorage

Deputy Director, PM&E Division, Public Works Dept.

Lance Wilber

Municipality of Anchorage

Public Transit Director

Marge Stoneking

Air Quality Advisory Committee


Steve Morris

Municipality of Anchorage

Health and Human Services

Jerry Weaver

Municipality of Anchorage

Community Development Department  Director

Stephanie Mormilo

Municipality of Anchorage

Traffic Engineer. Chair

Ken Morton ADOT&PF

Regional Pre-Construction Engineer

Cindy Heil


Southcentral Air Quality Manager

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Craig Lyon, AMATS Coordinator

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