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Policy Committee

The Policy Committee is the primary decision-making body, comprised of five voting members. In general, the Policy Committee:  1) provides overall direction to the AMATS Technical Advisory Committee and to staff; 2) ensures adequate public involvement throughout the AMATS process; and 3) directs the preparation of transportation plans, programs and studies. 

Policy Committee representation includes:

Two appointed Anchorage Assembly members
Municipality of Anchorage Mayor
Commissioner of ADOT&PF or designee
Commissioner of the State of Alaska Dept. of Environmental Conservation or designee




Tim Steele

Municipality of Anchorage

Municipal Assembly Representative

Patrick Flynn

Municipality of Anchorage

Municipal Assembly Representative

Dan Sullivan
Municipality of Anchorage

Mayor, Vice Chair

Robert Campbell
Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities

ADOT&PF Commissioner’s Representative, Chair

Cindy Heil
Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation
ADEC Commissioner’s Representative

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Craig Lyon, AMATS Coordinator

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