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Transportation Planning / AMATS

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Acronyms and Terms

Air Quality in Anchorage – A Summary of Data and Trends (MOA DHHS 2011) - 1.2 MB PDF

Air Quality Conformity and PM-10 Reports

Alaska DOT & PF 2030 Long-Range Transportation Plan Update - Let’s Get Moving

Alaska DOT & PF Highway Safety Improvement Program

Alaska DOT & PF Right-of-Way Acquisition Regulations

Alaska DOT & PF Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) 

AMATS 2035 Metropolitan Transportation Plan

AMATS Boundary Map - 847 KB PDF

AMATS Intergovernmental Operating Agreement - 2.24 MB PDF

AMATS Organization Chart - 25 KB PDF

AMATS Policies and Procedures

Anchorage Bike Trail Map

Anchorage Bowl State and MOA Maintained Roads Map - 729 KB PDF

Anchorage Carbon Monoxide Emission Inventory and Projections 2007-2023 (MOA DHHS 2008, Draft) - 2.5 MB PDF

Anchorage Comp Plan

Anchorage Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)

Anchorage on the Move, Citizens Handbook for Developing the Anchorage Area Transportation System (AMATS 2001) - 300 KB PDF

Anchorage 2020, Anchorage Bowl Comprehensive Plan (MOA 2002)

Anchorage Bowl 2025 Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) with 2027 Revisions (AMATS 2007)

Anchorage Household Travel Survey, Final Report (MOA 2002) - 508 KB PDF

Annual Traffic Report (MOA)

Areawide Trails Plan (AMATS 1997) – Update Coming Soon


Bike Plan (AMATS 2010) – 14MB PDF

Bike Facilities Map - Existing

Boniface Parkway 48th Avenue Extension


Capital Improvement Program 2008-2013 (MOA 2008)

Carbon Monoxide Air Quality Control Plan (MOA 2004) - 1.4 MB PDF

Chugiak-Eagle River 2027 Long-Range Transportation Plan (CERLRTP) (AMATS 2007) - 3.9 MB PDF   ADDENDUM (AMATS 2007) - 12 KB PDF

Chugiak-Eagle River Long-Range Transportation Plan
(CERLRTP) 2003

Chugiak-Eagle River Maintained Roads Map - 285 KB PDF

Citizens Handbook for Developing the Anc Area Transportation System  

Comp Plan

CO Maintenance Plan - 2.5 MB PDF

Congestion Management Program (1994 version) - 6.4 MB 

Congestion Management Program

Construction Updates, Municipality of Anchorage

Construction Updates, State

Context Sensitive Design Policy Resolution (AMATS 2004) - 240 KB PDF

Strategy for Context Sensitive Solutions Transportation Projects 


Downtown Anchorage Comprehensive Plan


Eagle River CBD Study

Eagle River Comp Plan 

East Anchorage Study of Transportation (EAST)

Eklutna Powder Reserve TIA


Freight  Advisory Committee Brochure
Freight Mobility Study (AMATS 2001) - 3.9 MB PDF


Girdwood Area Plan

Glenn Highway to Seward Highway Connection

Glossary of Transportation Terms and Acronyms (AMATS 2008)


Hillside District Plan

Household Travel Survey - 337 KB PDF


ITS- Intelligent Transportation Systems


Knik Arm Crossing Project 

Knik Arm Crossing


Landscape Plan / Study - 6.1 MB PDF

Land Use Allocation Documentation Report, Anchorage 2020 Land Use Assumptions, (AMATS 2002) - 360 KB PDF

Land Use Codes

Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP), Anchorage Bowl

Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP), Chugiak-Eagle River - 3.9 MB PDF



2035 Metropolitan Transportation Plan


Non-Motorized Transportation Plan (AMATS)

  • Pedestrian Plan - 15 MB PDF
  • Bicycle Plan 
  • Areawide Trails Plan (coming soon)


Official Streets and Highways Plan (AMATS 1996 with 2005 Addendum) - 1.6 MB PDF

2014 Official Streets and Highways Plan 

Operating Agreement - 2.24 MB PDF


Pedestrian Plan (AMATS 2007) - 9.1 MB PDF

Pedestrian Safety for Elementary, Middle and High Schools 2007-2008 (MOA 2007)

People Mover Blueprint, A Plan to Restructure the Anchorage Transit System (MOA, 2009)

Planning Certification Review of AMATS, Final Report (FHWA 2010) - 2.26 MB PDF

Public Participation Plan Update


Seward Highway to Glenn Highway Connection

Ship Creek Intermodal Study - PDF

State and MOA Maintained Roads Map -  PDF

State Owned Roads Map - PDF

Status of the System (AMATS 2010) - PDF

Status of the System (AMATS 2007) - PDF

Status of the System (AMATS 2004) - PDF


Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (TSAIA)

Terms and Acronyms

Title 21

Traffic Calming Policy Manual (MOA, 2005)

Trails Plan

Travel Demand

TMA Certification Review Letter

TMA Certification Review

Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

Transportation Related Phone Directory

Turnagain Arm Comprehensive Plan


Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP)


West Dowling Road Connection

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