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Transportation Planning / AMATS

Current AMATS Projects 


Congestion Management Process (CMP)
The Congestion Management Process (CMP) provides for the effective management of new and existing transportation facilities through development and implementation of operational and travel demand management strategies, and by providing information to decision-makers on system performance and the effectiveness of implemented strategies. Although major capital investments are still needed to meet the growing travel demand, the CMP also develops lower cost strategies that complement capital investment recommendations. The result is more efficient and effective transportation systems, increased mobility, and a leveraging of resources.

Intelligent Transportation Systems Update
Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) aid transportation operators and emergency response personnel as they monitor traffic, detect and respond to incidents, and inform the public of traffic conditions via the Internet, roadway devices, and the media.

Public Participation Plan (PPP)
It is an AMATS policy to support and encourage early and continuous public participation and input to the planning process and to adhere to the principles of Environmental Justice and Title VI of the Civil Rights Act as part of the metropolitan "3-C" planning process relating to transportation systems and facilities. The MPO’s public participation plan is designed to ensure early and continuous opportunities for the public to express its views on transportation issues and to become active participants in the regional planning and transportation "3-C" metropolitan decision making process.

Anchorage Trails Plan
In conjunction with Anchorage Parks and Recreation, AMATS is working to developing the third and final element of the Non-Motorized Transportation Plan. This plan is also an element of the Comprehensive Plan.  The Anchorage Trails Plan, which focuses on recreational trails and trail use, will replace the 1997 Areawide Trails Plan.

Regional Household Travel Survey (RHTS)
The objective of the project is to conduct surveys that not only complies with federal regulations, but also collects relevant data that will support and update the existing travel demand model. The data collection area includes the AMATS boundary as identified. The goal of this project is to prepare and conduct a regional household travel survey and related on-board surveys to obtain detailed and reliable information on the travel behavior and socioeconomic characteristics of persons living in the AMATS region. The information collected in the surveys will be incorporated into the update of the AMATS travel demand forecasting model, support advanced model development and provide an assessment of current travel behavior.

Travel Demand Model Update
A travel demand model includes elements such as roadway and transit networks, and population and employment data to calculate the expected demand for transportation facilities. Within the model, mathematical equations are used to represent each individual's decision making process of: "Why", "When", "Where", and "How" to make the trip, and " What" route to follow to complete the trip. The model results for these individual choices are combined so that the aggregate impacts of roadway vehicle volumes and transit route ridership on the average travel times can be determined.


Official Streets and Highway Plan (OS&HP)
The Municipality of Anchorage (MOA), Community Development Department updated the Official Streets and Highways Plan (OS&HP) for the Anchorage Bowl, Chugiak – Eagle River and Girdwood. The existing OS&HP was originally updated in 1996 and amended in 2005.  The OS&HP is a functional plan that helps to implement the Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) and is identified in the AMATS 2010-2011 Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP).  This plan has community support as it, in addition to the CIP, is a basis for identifying projects that can be funded through bonds and state grants for local road improvements. The Final Plan was adopted by the Anchorage Assembly on June 24, 2014 by Assembly Ordinance 2014-63 and is now available. 

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