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Non-Motorized Transportation Plan

The Non-Motorized Transportation Plan includes information that was previously the adopted Areawide Trails Plan but includes recommended facilities in three separate elements.  These elements are pedestrians, utility cyclists and recreational trail users.

Pedestrian Plan

The Anchorage Pedestrian Plan (adopted October 2007) focuses on pedestrian facilities adjacent to streets and roadways as well as walkways to connect adjacent subdivisions and schools. 

Bicycle Plan

The purpose of the Anchorage Bicycle Plan (adopted March 2010) is to increase bicycle facilities and the use of bicycles for transportation.  

Attached as separate links are the Bicycle Plan Appendices and a map of the Proposed Bicycle Network for Anchorage. 

Until all the facilities can be built, here is a map of existing bicycle facilities in Anchorage.

Hard copies of the Plan or CD versions can be obtained by emailing

The authors would like to sincerely thank everyone who participated in the process to create this Plan.   

Trails Plan

The Anchorage Trails Plan is the element of the Non-motorized Plan that will most closely reflect an update of the former Areawide Trails Plan (1997).  It will primarily concentrate on recreational trails, including greenbelt trails and specialized trails used for activities such as cross-country skiing, horseback riding, dog mushing, skijoring, and snowmobiling, as well as recreational bicycling.

Staff has started work on the Anchorage Trails Plan; see the Anchorage Trails Plan page for information. 

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