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Transportation Planning / AMATS


Study Overview and Recommendations, July 2003

Table of Contents

State and local officals commisioned the East Anchorage Study of Transportation (EAST) to examine transportatin improvements for the East Anchorage study area. The study's purpose was to identify current problems; forecast future transportation demands and deficiences (through the year 2023); and then analyze approaches to improve our ability to travel safetly and efficiently within and through the study area. The study focused on accessibility, mobility, and public safety, as well as relieving congestion at major eastide intersections.

Study Reports 

Alternative Appendix A

Alternative Appendix B 

Alternative Appendix C

Alternative Appendix D

Alternative Appendix E

Alternative Appendix F

Alternative Appendix G

Alternative Appendix H

Final Alternative Development

Final Background Report                                                             

Final Evaulation Criteria

Final Forecast

Final Goals & Objectives

Final Probelms & Needs

Final Recommendations

Supporting Documents 

Final Origin Destination Analysis

Final Public Involvement Summary

Final Study Plan

Final Transportation Issue Survey Results

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