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Transportation Planning / AMATS


           AMATS Public Participation Plan

                       a plan ~ a program ~ a process


This is the public involvement plan for Anchorage Metropolitan Area Transportatin Solutions (AMATS). It is intended to support and encourage your participation in Anchorage's transportation planning and decision-making. The AMATS Public Participation Plan was adopted February 12, 2009 by the Policy Committee.

     AMATS Public Participation Plan
Appendix   A   Guiding Documents
   B  Goals, Objectives and Strategies
   C  Monthly and Quarterly Event Calendars
     Event Calendars Cover 
     January Activities
     March Activities
     April Activities
     May Activities
     June Activities
     July Activities
     August Activities
     September Activities
     October Activities
     November Activities

 December Activities

   Activities Table 11x17
   D Environmental Justice 
   E AMATS Document update Cycles Cover
    AMATS Document update Cycles Tables
   F Public Participation Techniques
   G Glossary of Terms and Acronyms
   H Staff & Consultant Guidance Cover
    AMATS PI Checklist
    Staff & Consultant Guidelines

A CD of the complete document is also available from the MOA Traffic Department, 4700 Elmore Road, by calling343-7991, or requesting one by email at:

    • Transportation Planning / AMATS
    • Director: Hall Hart
    • 4700 Elmore Road
    • (907) 343-7991