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Economic and Community Development

Mountain View In Motion

Mountain view is one of Anchorage's most culturally diverse neighborhoods with a population that speaks over 40 different languages.

Mountain View's socio-economic demographics open opportunity for a wide variety of developements. Serious efforts at community planning begain as a grassroots effort in 1993.

The Begich administration recognized the opportunities for revitalization in Mt. View collecting public opinion to form a Mountain View Neighborhood Plan. At the same time the Housing and Neighborhood Development Commission established a subcommittee to carry out the planning process. Recommendation from this subcommittee resulted in concentrated revitalization efforts from a broad range of private, non-profit, and government partnerships focusing on housing, community facilities and the commerical core that have been responsible for:

  • 200+ units of new single housing developement, both owner occupiend and rent to own

  • rehabs, repairs, grant/loans to help improve over 100 units of existing housing stock

  • Glenn Square Mall (780 jobs)

  • Rehabilitation to non-profit buildings such as Success by Six, Special Olympics and Alaska Museum of Natural History Mountain View has continued to develop

  • opening of the Clark Middle School

  • re-established Mountain View Branch Library & Community Room which offers multiple free services

  • a new bank with police substation and meeting facilities

Key future goals include:
  • attracting retail businesses that serve the neighborhood

  • building a new visual arts center further marketing the district

  • engaging Mountain View residents in planning and development efforts

  • identify partners to continue and expand government, non-profit and private partnerships

Continuation of ongoing efforts and addressing key goals will reuslt in Mountain View becoming a vibrant, safe and economically healthy neighborhood of choice. 

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