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 Sow Brown Bear and cubs seen frequenting the area 

7/21/2010 | Contact: Sarah Erkmann (907) 343-7103
Mayor's Office

ANCHORAGE- A sow brown bear with three, two-year old cubs have been observed traveling on Rover’s Run trail in Bicentennial Park several times in the past week.

Cameras on the trail indicate that the majority of recreational users on this particular trail are cyclists. Bike riders are thought to be more likely to encounter a bear because they move quickly and quietly and have a high probability of surprising a bear.

As a result of the sightings, brightly colored warning signs have been placed at the junction of the Gasline and Rover’s Run, Rover’s Run and Moose Meadows, and Rover’s Run and Viewpoint Trail. City officials strongly recommend that trail users utilize alternate routes and to avoid using Rover’s Run under any circumstances.

As always, people recreating in all Anchorage’s parks are reminded to practice common sense bear safety practices:

  • Buddy up. You are safer in a group.
  • Make Noise. This will prevent you from surprising a bear.
  • Use your senses to stay aware. No headphones!
  • Carry bear spray. Have it accessible and know how to use it.
  • Don’t feed bears. Handle food, fish and attractants responsibly.
  • Slow down. High speed equals high risk in bear habitat.
  • Leash your pets. Off-leash pets can bring bears back to you.
  • Never run from a bear!

The Municipality of Anchorage’s Parks & Recreation Dept. maintains a website ( dedicated to updating citizens about bear sightings while providing other bear safety resources. Media note: A photo of the sow and cubs can be found at the site.

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