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 Rover’s Run Trail Reopens Oct. 12 


Mayor's Office

Popular Recreation Trail reopens in Far North Bicentennial Park

10/12/2009  |  Contact:                              Chris Conlon, (907) 343-4135

Rover’s Run / Mellen’s Way Trail in Far North Bicentennial Park (FNBP) will open totrail use beginning Mon., Oct. 12 supported by the recommendation by Alaska Fish and Game. Wildlife trail use indicators (tracks and scat) and salmon in the stream counts by Alaska Fish and Game biologists indicated the nearing of the end when many brown bears are attracted to the South Fork of Campbell Creek upstream of the BLM Airstrip Bridge. These site evaluations have lead Parks and Recreation Director, John Rodda to reopen this popular park trail.

Rover’s Run / Mellen’s Way Trail which runs along the south bank of the south fork of Campbell Creek and extends from BLM Track Viewpoint Trail (Tour of Anchorage Trail) to the South Gas Line Trail at FNBP will be open. A segment of Moose Meadow Trail that also intersects Rover’s Run Trail will also be open. Anchorage Parks and Recreation in concert with Bureau of Land Management (BLM) will remove closure signs and barricades at the entry points of the trail.

With the opening of Rover’s Run / Mellen’s Way trail, trail users should practice safe bear country practices. Users are encouraged to be bear aware, use the trails with a friend/buddy, follow bear safety practices such as avoid surprising them, make noise, keep on established trails, avoid crowding them by giving them their space, be observant and listen to nature. While none of the trails in FNBP are completely safe from bear encounters, the wider multi-use trails provide improved visibility to the trail users.

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