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Anchorage – The Municipality of Anchorage is pleased to announce the release of the Public Review Draft Historic Preservation Plan for Anchorage’s Four Original Neighborhoods.

The draft of the Historic Preservation Plan for Anchorage’s Four Original Neighborhoods is available at:

The Municipality has been working closely with the Government Hill, Downtown, South Addition, and Fairview neighborhoods to develop the draft preservation plan for the four original neighborhoods (HPP).  This plan is anticipated to be the foundation for historic preservation planning and project implementation in the Anchorage Bowl.  The HPP includes recommendations for implementation of several historic preservation projects in the planning area.   Three companion projects to this project include the development of a consolidated database of known historic resources that could potentially be listed on the National Register of Historic Places within the four original neighborhoods, the South Addition Historical Survey Study, and the oral history of former and present residents of the Government Hill.

The Municipality would like to thank the Anchorage Historic Preservation Commission, State Historic Preservation Office, and Alaska Association for Historic Preservation, and the dedicated residents and business owners of the four neighborhoods for their untiring enthusiasm for this project.

The Municipality continues to be supportive of historic preservation through the completion and future adoption of the HPP, the South Addition Historical Context Statement, Consolidated Historic Database for the Four Neighborhoods, and the Government Hill Oral History Project.

AN OPEN HOUSE TO REVIEW THE PLAN AND SPEAK TO THE PLANNING TEAM IS SCHEDULED FOR:  May 31st Open House from 4-8 p.m. at the Pioneer Schoolhouse, 437 East Third Avenue, Anchorage, Alaska.

You may also request a hard copy of the plan for a nominal fee from Kristine Bunnell, Project Manager at 343.7993 or


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