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Internal Audit Shows Municipal Travel Reduction Saves Millions

As a part of an annual study, the Municipal Auditor has detailed travel expenses incurred by the Municipality for 2013. The report was presented to the Anchorage Assembly at the July 8th meeting and shows that travel expenses remain significantly lower than during the previous administration.

In 2013, travel expenses totaled $527,506 as compared to $1,464,134 during the final year of the Begich Administration. The concerted effort by the Sullivan Administration to lower travel expenses represents a 64 percent savings for the city when comparing 2013 to 2008 and it is estimated that over $6 million has been saved during the last five years if the growth rate of travel expenses under the Begich Administration had continued.

Mayor Dan Sullivan commented saying, "We have worked extremely hard over the past few years to control expenses and the travel audit highlights one area where we have saved the taxpayers millions of dollars. We will continue implementing these cost-saving measures throughout municipal government while maintaining the level of service we provide the public."

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