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 Municipality of Anchorage Wins Alaska Municipal League Award for Tax$avers Program 

 Award is for “Best in Innovation” in Revenue and Finance Category 

11/25/2009 | Contact: Sarah Erkmann (907) 343-7103
Mayor's Office


ANCHORAGE- The Municipality of Anchorage recently won an Alaska Community Award of Excellence from the Alaska Municipal League (AML) for its Tax$avers program. The award was for “Best in Innovation” in the Revenue and Finance category.

According to AML, awards recognize small, medium and large cities or boroughs that show “exemplary efforts or innovations” in local government.

Mayor Sullivan’s administration, at the direction of Office and Management and Budget (OMB) Director Cheryl Frasca, launched Tax $avers in early August to ask the public for ideas they had for making government more efficient. A Website was created that allowed citizens to submit specific ideas online.

During the two-week launch period, more than 800 suggestions arrived via the submission process. Ideas were forwarded to respective departments for analysis and review. Those with merit were forwarded to the mayor, with several being identified for further evaluation. They include: insurance opt-out for employees, mandatory direct deposit for employees, reductions in janitorial service to an every other day schedule, purchasing recycled printer cartridges, posting public meeting notices online instead of in print and eliminating stipends and meals for board and commission members.

Entries were judged by the AML Board of Directors. Mayor Dan Sullivan and OMB Director Cheryl Frasca were presented with a plaque at AML’s Annual Awards Banquet in Anchorage on Nov. 20.

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