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 Mayor asks citizens for tax-saving ideas 


Mayor's Office

8/04/2009  |  Contacts:          Sarah Erkmann, (907) 343-7103

Mayor Dan Sullivan launches a new program that asks residents for their ideas on how the city could save money.

The program, called Tax$avers, is being implemented as the city faces a $9 million revenue shortfall this year. Due to labor contracts agreed to late last year and other financial obligations, the municipality faces at least another $20 million in increased costs next year.

“Many times, the taxpayers themselves have the best ideas for how government can save money,” said Mayor Dan Sullivan. “We not only accept that advice, but in times of serious budget concerns, we welcome it. We will examine at all the ideas submitted and, if possible, implement the ones that are feasible and make good economic sense.”

Citizens can submit ideas via the municipality’s website ( which has a form that can be submitted online.

The site is currently active and will remain functional for the foreseeable future.

Submissions to the site will go directly to the Mayor’s Office, where staff will sort and organize the information into categories before presenting them to the mayor.