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 Mayor Sullivan launches new budget website 

 Site provides budget information, asks for citizens’ feedback 

8/17/2011 | Contact: Sarah Erkmann 343-7103
Mayor's Office

ANCHORAGE- Mayor Dan Sullivan today launched a new budget website for citizens, The site, titled “Citizens Guide to the Budget,” is designed for citizens looking for more information about the city’s budget processes, and offers citizens an opportunity to provide input to the Mayor about their 2012 budget priorities. The site also provides a wide range of information and background material to help citizens engage in the budget process.

A unique feature on the site enables visitors to take a budget poll and offer suggestions for how the city can save money. The website also provides a budget dictionary, a historical look at city spending and a sample property tax bill. Also, once the 2012 proposed budget is prepared and sent to the Assembly in October, it will be posted to the site and available for public review.  

“Planning a budget is perhaps the most important job we undertake all year,” said Mayor Sullivan. “That is why, with the excellent work of city employees, we have developed this website; we need to hear from citizens about what services they want funded in 2012 and how we should pay for them,” said Sullivan. “Because we’re making those decisions soon, now is an ideal time for citizens to speak up.”

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