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 Mayor Shares Insights with Senate Education Committee and Lauds ASD Push for Common Core 


3/21/2012 | Contact: Lindsey Spinelli 343-7133
Mayor's Office

Mayor Dan Sullivan is in Juneau today speaking to the Senate Education Committee on the Education Summit he convened to identify ways in which to improve student performance in the Anchorage School District.  In November 2011 the Mayor’s Education Summit brought together 100 civic and community leaders to identify potential reform scenarios.  In February the Mayor convened six Community Conversations throughout Anchorage that engaged another 400 residents in talking about their reform ideas and opinions.  Each Community Conversation participant also completed a survey and Mayor Sullivan will present its results to the Senate Education Committee.

Priorities and goals identified as a result of the Community Conversations included setting higher standards for students, increasing community involvement, providing more choices which include vocational education and access to world-class teachers. Full survey results are available at

Last week Superintendent Carol Comeau and School Board President Gretchen Guess announced a proposal to adopt Common Core Standards.  This is a significant step toward improving student performance.  Raising the bar set for students was one of the primary results from the November Summit, and identified as a priority in the Community Conversations.

Mayor Sullivan applauds the Anchorage School District’s recent announcement.  “This was one of the most widely supported reforms among Education Summit participants,” Mayor Sullivan said, “and is rewarding to see the District respond proactively to the direction in which the public wants it to go.  I’m pleased to already be seeing results from the Education Summit.”

The Mayor’s Education Summit will culminate at the Capstone Summit that will be held in June.  There is still time for community members to weigh in on potential reforms, visit to fill out the survey.

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