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 Mayor Dan Sullivan launches blog 


Mayor's Office

New tool part of effort to reach out electronically, utilize social media

09/17/2009  |  Contact:                             Sarah Erkmann, (907) 343-7103

In an effort to communicate directly with the citizens of Anchorage, Mayor Dan Sullivan today launched his own official blog. It is available at on the mayor’s page at

The mayor started the blog largely because of the many challenges the city currently faces. “We have a lot of serious issues to deal with as a city,” said the mayor. “This forum will allow people to hear directly from City Hall about what my office is doing to address the issues of budget, energy, public safety and other critically important matters.”

The move also is the result of an increasingly electronic world where more people receive their news online. “There’s a convenience factor here, as well,” said Mayor Sullivan. “Anytime you can make it easier for people to stay up to date, that’s a good thing.”

The blog features a personal note from the mayor, who will write and update blog entries on an as-needed basis. Subjects will vary but are likely to include issues germane to city business, such as the current budget challenge.

The site will feature a feedback form where readers can submit questions and comments to the mayor. Visitors to the site also can elect to follow the mayor on Facebook and Twitter, which he plans to utilize to a larger degree.

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