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 Mayor Dan Sullivan announces the members of a new task force he created to address the city’s looming energy crisis. 


Mayor's Office

7/31/2009  |  Contacts:          Sarah Erkmann, (907) 343-7103

Mayor Dan Sullivan announces the members of a new task force he created to address the city’s looming energy crisis.

The task force includes a range of industry representatives, along with a variety of planning and business professionals. The same panelists were part of the mayor’s transition team; indeed, they jointly authored the energy portion of the transition report.

"The energy situation in South Central Alaska is one of the most pressing issues that we as a city have to deal with," said Sullivan. "We look to this blue-ribbon task force to address both immediate and long-term energy needs, including making sure Anchorage residents have an uninterrupted supply of gas to heat their homes this winter, which will be here before we know it.”

The city has come dangerously close to failing to meet the needs of its gas customers the past few winters when temperatures dipped below zero. As a result, the mayor’s administration, including emergency management personnel, is developing contingency plans for such an event. Municipal Manager George Vakalis is examining this issue as a stand-alone challenge.

The task force will develop longer term recommendations (i.e. 3-5 years, 10+ years, etc.) separately from the immediate issue of winter deliverability and will report those findings and recommendations directly to the mayor.

Members of the Energy Task Force Task Force include:

• Judy Brady,  former executive director, Alaska Oil &  Gas Association,

• Steve Pratt, energy consultant,

• Bill Popp, persident and CEO, Anchorage Economic Development Corporation,

• Tony Izzo, co-chair, TMi Consulting; former CEO, ENSTAR,

• Dan Coffey, Anchorage Assembly liaison and private attorney

• Arden Page, mediator/private attorney,

• Mary Ann Pease, Knik Arm Bridge and Toll Authority

• Bob Stinson, president, Conam Construction Co.; past president, Alaska Support Industry Alliance

• Dave Harbour, former commissioner, Regulatory Commission of Alaska.