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 Mayor’s Energy Task Force Offers Recommendations to Energy Issues 

 Crisis Continues to Loom 

3/29/2010 | Contact: Sarah Erkmann (907) 343-7103
Mayor's Office

ANCHORAGE- The Mayor’s Energy Task Force Chair Judy Brady today released a resolution that articulates concerns and poses recommendations for the energy challenges facing the Cook Inlet.  

Upon being elected, Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan assembled a group of leading experts to articulate impending community energy issues. The first work product of the committee was their contribution to the Transition Report, published in July 2009.

Mayor Sullivan said he was impressed with the work of the committee and he recognized the need to bring greater attention to the impending crisis and to work toward solutions. He retained the group and formalized their title as the Mayor’s Energy Task Force. It meets twice each month to receive briefings on timely topics and to make recommendations to the Mayor.

Today’s resolution acknowledges the critical natural gas deliverability issues faced by Southcentral consumers that if unaddressed could result in rolling blackouts as soon as 2011. The task force recommends that the Municipality of Anchorage support legislation and proposals that promote natural gas storage in the Cook Inlet, it supports incentives that will increase development and drilling in Cook Inlet, it addresses streamlining the heavy bureaucratic processes that has historically plagued investors, it supports the extension of the Kenai LNG export facility, and it encourages additional conservation measures.

“The idea that the lights could go out and our homes are left unheated while this was a clearly identified problem is unconscionable. I thank the task force for their acknowledgement of the issues we face in Anchorage and along the entire Railbelt region, and for their recommendations. I am pleased with the progress in the legislature, and I look forward to expedited support of the bills that positively impact Cook Inlet storage, exploration and development.”

Said resolution in a PDF format.

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