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 Local Property Values Stable: New Commercial Construction Down Sharply 

 2011 "Green Cards" are in the mail today 

Mayor's Office

Contact: Sarah Erkmann  343-7103

ANCHORAGE- Today, the city assessor mailed this year’s property valuation notices tosome 90,000 Anchorage property owners. City code requires property owners be notified no later than Jan. 15 of their property valuation each tax year. 2011 tax bills will be sent by May 15 after the Anchorage Assembly sets the tax rates.

“Overall, Anchorage’s property values are stable for 2011,” Mayor Dan Sullivan said.  “However, one area that’s seen a significant decrease is in the commercial new construction market, which is down 51 percent from 2010. This is attributed primarily to tightening credit markets, operating expense increases and fairly flat net operating income returns.”

Following today’s mailing of the assessment cards, property owners will have a 30-day period to resolve questions about their valuation. Property owners are encouraged to use the city’s web site ( to learn more about the assessment process and to view specific information about their assessed value. The web site also contains information about each property owner’s recent tax history.

Questions can be submitted using the email address on the website or by phone at 343-6500. Property Appraisal staff will be available to answer questions, conduct additional research and adjust value as appropriate. Most property owner questions and concerns can be resolved through this process.

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