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 Homelessness in Anchorage 


Mayor's Office

8/31/2009  |  Contact:                          Sarah Erkmann, (907) 343-7103

ANCHORAGE- Mayor Sullivan today released his strategy for addressing the issue of homelessness in Anchorage. The strategy will be coordinated by a senior executive appointment at the Department of Health and Human Services.

The initial efforts will be in implementing strategies for those whose alcohol use has become a threat to public safety and a safety concern to our neighborhoods.

These efforts will include:

• Continuing the review of data on recent deaths and vigorously investigating violence against those who are homeless as a result of chronic alcohol use;

• Moving people from camps to safer environments with supportive services; and

• Engaging community stakeholders in a working group that will advise on strategies and assist with identifying and leveraging resources for implementation.

The strategy is aimed at achieving the following outcomes:

• Reduced deaths amongst chronically homeless alcoholics.

• Reduced violence to and among the chronically homeless alcoholics.

• Reduced neighborhood impact from chronically homeless alcoholics.

What has been missing to date is a unified approach. The mayor plans to bring all appropriate Municipal resources to bear in solving this problem. In addition, the mayor’s Administration will strengthen partnerships with the State of Alaska and the many community non-profits who have a stake in making Anchorage safe.

In the upcoming weeks, the mayor will announce both internal and community working groups who will work to identify specific steps necessary to achieve the outcomes identified.

Note: the mayor will be available for individual interviews between 1-2 p.m. Call to schedule.


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