Happy 100th Birthday Anchorage!

Mayor's Office


ANCHORAGE – One hundred years ago today, the first public land auctions occurred in the Anchorage area. In those 100 years, Anchorage evolved from a collection of tents to the largest population center in Alaska and the state’s central hub of economic activity.

“One hundred years is a tremendous achievement. It’s a great occasion to celebrate and reflect on how we got here, and a time to thank those who made Anchorage what it is today. We are the beneficiaries of their industry and spirit. We are able to build towards tomorrow, because what’s been done in the past century,” stated Mayor Ethan Berkowitz.

The Anchorage Centennial Commission was established to celebrate the first 100 years of Anchorage and a variety of community events are planned.

Visit http://www.anchoragecentennial.org/events for more details and information.

For more information contact Myer Hutchinson at (907) 343-7133.