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 Final comment period for Anchorage I/M program now open 


9/7/2011 | Contact: Steve Morris 343-6976
Mayor's Office

ANCHORAGE- The public has one last opportunity to weigh in on the city’s I/M program.

In 2010, Mayor Dan Sullivan announced his plan to eliminate the I/M vehicle testing program. The move required Assembly approval as well as a change to the State of Alaska Implementation Plan (SIP). It was the mayor’s contention that Anchorage has not violated the federal air quality standard for carbon monoxide since 1996, and current modeling shows that Anchorage can continue to meet the standard even if the I/M program is eliminated. 

The Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is proposing to approve revisions to Alaska’s SIP relating to the I/M program in Anchorage, the city learned today.

EPA personnel indicated that they likely will approve Anchorage’s submittal because it satisfies the requirements of the Clean Air Act, but is allowing for one more public comment period.

The timeline for the process is as follows: after the public comment period closes, EPA typically takes one to three months reviewing and responding to comments.  Once finished, they publish final notice approving the SIP. The effective date is typically one month after publication of final notice.

The public comment period ends October 7.  Members of the public can review and comment on the plan by visiting the U.S. Regulations website.

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