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 Project is the beginning of a multi-year plan to rehabilitate the Coastal Trail  

7/27/2011 | Contact: Holly Spoth-Torres 223-0136
Mayor's Office

ANCHORAGE - Beginning Aug. 1, a one-mile section (milepost 4.1 – 5.1) of the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail (Coastal Trail) south of Point Woronzoff will be closed for surface rehabilitation.  This section of the Coastal Trail has some of the most dangerous surface conditions, including longitudinal cracks or ‘crevasses’ that present significant hazards to all trail users, including bicyclists, walkers, runners and in-line skaters.

The Coastal Trail was built in the 1980s, and since then has not received significant trail surface rehabilitation other than basic crack repair.

“The Coastal Trail is one of Anchorage’s most important assets enjoyed by residents and many visitors,” said Parks & Recreation Commissioner, Carl Propes.  “I bike from Lyn Ary Park to Kincaid multiple times per month.  For more than 25 years, the trail has weathered Anchorage’s harsh conditions relatively well, but several areas south of Woronzoff have deteriorated to the point of needing repair.  Fixing the trail surface is necessary to protect this asset for the future.”  

This section of the trail is somewhat isolated, not connected to major roadways or transportation corridors.  This circumstance along with its proximity to the airport runway, AWWU’s water treatment facility and the bluff, poses significant detour challenges.  For safety reasons, there will be no access during construction.  During the week-long closure, Parks & Recreation asks that recreational trail users utilize a different Municipal trail and that trail commuters employ an alternate route. 

“We know this construction project presents a temporary inconvenience, but we believe that the trail surface improvements we’re making to this section of the Coastal Trail in just one week will benefit trail users for many years to come,” said John Rodda, Anchorage Parks & Recreation Director. “All trail users will love the final product.”

This project is the first phase of a multi-year plan to rehabilitate the Coastal Trail.  This year, trail users can also expect to see a surface replacement of the “Blue Bridge” at milepost 6.6.

The Anchorage Parks and Recreation Department strives to build Healthy Parks – Healthy People.  A key goal to accomplish our mission is Taking Better Care of What We Have.

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