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 Banners Press Release 


Mayor's Office

The Anchorage Community Land Trust, the Mountain View Community Council, the Mountain View Business Roundtable and the Mayor’s Office are excited to announce a new public art installation in Mountain View. New light pole banners stretching from the Glenn Highway and Mountain View Drive Intersection over to Park Street in the heart of Mountain View will enhance “Mountain View’s legacy of street art and provide a warm welcome to visitors and residents of our community”, said Mountain View Community Council President, Don Crandall. “We’ve tried for a long time to create a gateway an entrance in to Mountain View that tells people you are entering a community that cares –now we have the pole banners which will welcome people for many years to come and are a continuation in a long line of positive things that are giving people pride about life in Mountain View”.

The Municipality of Anchorage was an essential partner supporting the project to its completion. The light pole fixtures had been installed by MOA in 2005 as a way to improve streetscapes for pedestrians and local businesses in Mountain View.  The Municipality installs hanging baskets in the summer time, but up to now there had been no community-directed banner project to fully utilize the poles.  “These banners will add color, character and a sense of place to the Mountain View Drive streetscape.  It takes a community to make something like this happen and we’re proud of how people come together here to get things done”, said Kirk Rose, Mountain View Community Council Vice President.

The Mountain View Business Roundtable initiated by ACLT, is a group of Mountain View businesses, along with government officials and other interested parties, that work together to improve the Mountain View business environment.  “By working collaboratively on practical issues that face local businesses, the Roundtable is able to move along the Mountain View Revitalization efforts by building strong businesses and employment opportunities” said Stuart Bannan, ACLT Business Development Manager. 

The pole banner project grew out of the Roundtable’s desire to improve the over-all perception of Mountain View and market the businesses located here. This is one of many projects the Roundtable has taken on along with devising a logo and brand for Mountain View, advising the Municipality with a unified Mountain View focused voice on street and road improvements that impact their businesses, and encouraging new investment and re-investment in the area.   

Together the Mountain View Business Roundtable members, and many other generous supporters, contributed all the funding for the banner’s manufacturing and installation through sponsorships.  Roundtable member SignCo Quality Signs has been contracted for fabrication.

Artist Nora Gecan designed the pole banners. The colors and themes are directly inspired from time spent getting to know Mountain View more intimately. “Mountain View is food for thought!” said Gecan.  “The people of the community helped to craft this project – the Community Council, the Boys and Girls Club, The Land Trust, the Business Roundtable, and not to mention the voices of people in the community who all helped me vet the images and get a better, deeper picture of the life of this community.” 

“All the people and organizations involved in making the pole banner project a reality would like to thank the Mountain View community for its support.  On behalf of all involved, we invite you to come to Mountain View, see the banners and experience the new energy and excitement of the neighborhood” said Leslie Ellis, ACLT Board Chair and Jewel Jones, ACLT Executive Director.