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10/30/2009  |  Contact:                           Sarah Erkmann,  (907) 343-7103
                                                                               Ma’o Tosi, (907) 240-0528

WHO: Mayor Dan Sullivan

            Ma’o Tosi, Alaska PRIDE

WHAT: Go head-to-head in a fierce game of HORSE (basketball game) as part of the All-Star Basketball Game

WHEN: Fri., Oct. 30, 7-8:30 p.m. (The HORSE game takes place during half-time).

WHERE: West High School gym, 1700 Hillcrest Dr.

Mayor Dan Sullivan and Ma’o Tosi with Alaska PRIDE will face off in a knock down, drag out game of HORSE this evening as part of a community basketball game. “Ma’o’s going down,” said Mayor Sullivan. “I play a mean game of HORSE.”

In addition to the HORSE showdown, the mayor will coach one of the teams playing tonight.

Mayor Sullivan was a self-proclaimed “gym rat” as a kid, and played basketball at West High School and UAA, where he served as team captain.

Ma’o Tosi is well-known throughout the community for his work with Anchorage’s youth.

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