Ship Creek Redevelopment

Master Plan Presentation

Posted 7/8/2013

Concept Presentation - Kling Stubbins .pdf 14.0MB

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Ship Creek Town Square

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Ship Creek Birds Eye

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Ship Creek Main Street

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Ship Creek Water Front

Three concepts

Posted 6/3/2013

Three major design themes:  

"Downtown North" - Anchorage’s New Neighborhood focuses on establishing a new mixed-used residential development that will extend the downtown grid into the Ship Creek area. The center of this new development will be a school and Winter Garden/Market Hall.

"Centennial City" - A New Place to Live Work & Play focuses on the economic and recreational revitalization of the Ship Creek Area.

"Gateway to Alaska" - Anchorage’s New Waterfront transforms the Ship Creek area by creating an accessible waterfront, which Anchorage is lacking. The new waterfront will be anchored by an improved Transit Center that will feed downtown with a constant flow of pedestrian traffic.

Ship Creek Concept Options .pdf 1.8MB

Ship Creek master plan concept presentation .pdf 7.0MB

The future of Ship Creek what will it be?

Three Big Ideas for Ship Creek

The team presented the ideas that have been developed after listening to the public at the Snow Goose Restaurant Theatre May 23rd.

Ship Creek Planning 

The Future of Ship Creek - Planning Kick-Off  was held April 16, 17, and 18th

Ship Creek planning kicked off in April with a series of events to engage broad community discussion.

Quick Talks – Hear Stakeholders Sound off!

Come hear ten groups rapidly present their vision, idea or concern about the future of Ship Creek.

Big Ideas Night - The ideas are free, the drinks are on you!

A fun evening developing creative ideas and bold images in support of the new Ship Creek. Engaging the creative community in new ways of looking at the waterfront.

Open Planning - Your chance to tell the planners what you think!

Members of the community gather to share their ideas and values to inform the vision for Ship Creek.

Refer questions to Sara Wilson Doyle, USKH at 907.276.4245

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