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   Mayor's Education Summit

UPDATED: NOV 28, 2012

The final report from the Capstone Education Summit is now available to review in full: Future of K-12 Education in Anchorage: Report on the Mayor's Education Capstone Summit

Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan has launched an initiative to improve education performance standards for all students in Anchorage public schools.   

The goal is to raise the achievement bar so that Anchorage high school graduates are competitive in the international workplace.  Anchorage, because of its unique location, is more directly involved with international trading partners than most other American cities.  It is important that Anchorage students be held to a higher standard, such as the other  of Pacific Rim countries.  It is not enough for educational success to be defined by mediocre standards of other American cities. 

The initiative will span seven months during which Anchorage citizens and education policy makers will come together to develop and advocate ways in which we can achieve this goal. 

The future of K-12 Education: Report on Community Conversations

Find more information about the February Community Conversations here.

Find more information about the November Summit here.

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