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Mayor's Corner

Mayor's Staff

Mayor: Ethan Berkowitz
907 343-7100

Mike Abbott, Municipal Manager

Susanne Fleek-Green,Chief of Staff

Ona Brause, Deputy Chief of Staff: Assembly; Government Relations (Federal and State); Boards and Commission; Energy

Myer Hutchinson, Communications Director

Sharon Lane, Executive Assistant to the Mayor

Amy Coffman, Special Assistant: Welcoming Anchorage Initiative; Labor and Workforce Relations; Community Councils; Sister Cities; LGBT issues liaison

Nora Morse, Special Assistant/Press Assistant: Press assistant; Public Safety -- APD/AFD; Trails and Parks; Museum

George Martinez, Special Assistant: Education; Youth Development; Diversity and Economic Development

Nancy Burke, Homeless and Housing Coordinator: Homeless and Supportive Housing

907 343-7180

Mayor's Staff Designee to Community Councils
    • Mayor's Corner
    • Mayor: Ethan Berkowitz
    • 632 W 6th Avenue, Suite 840, Anchorage, AK 99501
    • 907 343-7100

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