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Mayor's Corner

Summer Volunteer Internship Program

applications will be accepted for Summer Volunteer Internships beginning in April

Description of Major Duties

The Mayor's Office is seeking star college students with strong work ethics and good communication skills who want to learn and be involved in government functions.  This is a volunteer summer internship program that will introduce students to the many aspects of city government while working with the Mayor's Office and/or offices of the Mayor’s Executive Staff in City Hall.  Mayoral Interns will accompany the Mayor and/or Executives to Press Briefings and select public events.  Interns are expected to have basic computer skills and be willing to accept and complete work assignments.  Having transportation will be an advantage and will increase an intern’s options for placement and work duties.  Dress will be appropriate and applicable to representing the Mayor and the Municipality of Anchorage. 

Length of Internship


Selection Criteria

  1. possess ability to communicate with City Hall personnel on a professional level each day;
  2. have strong work ethic and willingness to learn new skills;
  3. have basic computer skills;
  4. be available to attend and accompany the Mayor and/or Executive Staff Members to public events;
  5. be willing to accept any special assignment from the Mayor’s Office or any Executive Staff;
  6. having experience in records and archiving documents is helpful;
  7. possess customer service skills, to be able to note specifics of constituent's comments, requests for information or service, to be directed.

How to Apply

Please submit a cover letter and personal resume, describing your work and education major(s) with a recent unofficial transcript and your outstanding accomplishments, skills and interests.  Please include the names and contact information of three personal or professional references.  Send information to the Mayor’s Office by email, fax, USPS or hand delivery:

Mary Croxton, Executive Assistant
Office of Mayor Dan Sullivan
632 West 6th Avenue, Suite 830
P.O. Box 196650
Anchorage, Alaska   99519-6650
phone (907)343-7100
fax (907)249-7541

For further information about this program, contact Mary Croxton.

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